Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) – Review

GTA V remains a benchmark game, and its graphical improvements are hugely impressive, but it’s the addition of a first-person mode that transforms it into something very different.

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  1. Rockstar: announces GTA 5 on Playstation 5
    YouTube Algorithm: It is time we display this video.

  2. when playin as trevor cos hes a nut you start in game acting like a nut

  3. This was my first and only GTA; I'm worried if I played any of the previous games, I'd probably with a "this is good, but I'd rather be playing 5"

  4. Gamespot – "I'm not a fan of first person view but I'm gonna show you nearly all game play in this review in first person mode" thanks.

  5. I beat it on PS3. Liked it but didn't put in the time to really explore. Bought it again for PS4 and explore as well as play the story mode. Probly best game ever made up to this point. Where's GTA 6?

  6. Hey! Where are the Cemeteries in GTA? These Games should be filled with them.

  7. This game did not live up to its full potential story mode was mediocre stuff you could do in past version your unable to do only thing this game has is graphics

  8. I noticed several fps losses during the gaming display throughout the video, I might not buy it just because of that.

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  10. The first person mode is fascinating because it does make it more disturbing. Take COD Modern Warfare 2's "No Russian" that mission was a MAGNET for controversy. Why? Because it's much more disturbing in first person. It's more real.

  11. Not sure if I missed it or something but I didn't hear one negative thing said about this game. So i wonder why it got a 9

  12. How do you ADS through a scope?? Even if I put on a scope I can't ads through the sight.

  13. I asked my parents to buy it for me a year ago but they knew it had some graphic stuff so i just convinced them today and they said ok but i highly doubt it because they'll ask gamestop about what's in the game .. I wish they made a clean game version because i dont give a damn about the graphic content all i care about is going to kill people and steal cars like how i did in GTA san andreas…

  14. yes its a 9 not a 10 its overrated IMO but every gta game is anyway this game is fucking great

  15. On his comments about difficult first person car interactions… Just because you suck at a game doesn't mean we all suck bud.

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