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  1. I guess you already know now that if you click triangle you can straight exit the phone internet menu

  2. Best way is to invest in the lowest and then it goes up

  3. Nothing new here. Buy and sleep to let time pass in hopes the stock goes up. Also, you save BEFORE you buy, not after. And most certainly this is not a glitch. Poor guide, misleading title, and lack of understanding as to how the game works.

  4. I usually use the headlines in the market as a reference to where to invest

  5. lol save before you buy not after then if it don't go up reload your last save da that's just common since

  6. “Im just trying to be as honest as i can be.”


  7. The best one to buy early in the game after the lifeinvader mission is the lifeinvader stock. I never done any kind of stock stuff before bc I’m not good at it and didn’t wanna waste time and lose money but I decided to try it like 10 – 15 minutes ago after I completed the mission and I’ve been making bank off of it every single time. Go buy the life invader stock put all your money in and wait a couple minutes (Game wise) you don’t need to sleep or save or anything just drive around or whatever and then sell it and you will make a lot of money. I went from having 3,000$ with franklin done it once and went up to 20,000$ something. Michale I started with 10,000$ and went up to about the same. I currently have 64,000$ with michale but only bc I stopped to see if it would work on franklin and it does. I got franklin up to 224,000$ two different times. The longer you let it set game wise the more money you will make out of it.

  8. Are you serious? Have you never heard of swing trading a stock, you don’t have to take your loss, you can obviously keep sleeping and keep your eye on it, try Lester’s missions with trading.

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