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  1. How do I install the characters vehicle mod? I want to change their personal vehicles in my game.

  2. Gta 4 handling is not realistic at all. Cars don’t have the insane body roll that cars had in GTA 4. Drive a real car, and then say what is more realistic

  3. There's alot of aspects of GTAIV's handling that is far superior.. The big thing is cars were more purposeful e:g..

    *In GTA5 every car can almost drive up a mountain and go anywhere even if it's a super low sports car, So then what's the point in 4×4's off roaders…
    *in GTA5 Every car is easy to control in any circumstances, rwd (Rear wheel drive) cars are not going to spin out on you like in GTA4 even in a rainstorm or ice and snow, So what's the point in awd (all wheel drive) stability when there is no stability to be gained..
    *In GTA5 Every car handles like it defies physics, crazy levels of grip, better then anything that could be achieved in real life, So what the point of the supercars, The top speed is limited anyway…
    *In GTA5 no motorbike can break traction (Wheelspin) so what's the point in the dirtbike (Sanchez) If every bike has infinite longitudinal grip, Then it doesn't matter, Just go off roading in a Superbike lol lmao

    As for handling physics GTA5 is 12-15yrs out of date, some comparisons………

    *GTAV If you crash into something on a bike, quad, jet ski, under around 40-50mph nothing happens… (in GTAIV it would throw you off)
    *GTAV Collide with a something that hits your handlebar and nothing happens… (in GTAIV it would force the steering and throw you off)
    *GTAV Hit a curb or rock at a shallow angle at any speed and the bike doesn't react… (in GTAIV the wheel would collide with the curb. The bike would tip over and knock you off)
    *GTAV A motorbike won't wheel spin on dirt (in GTAIV motorbikes can break traction especially on the loose ground, Dirt. In a corner it could skid out from under you and knock you off)
    *GTAV You can fall from a great height on a bike, quad, jet ski and nothing happens…. (in GTAIV you would come off)
    *GTAV You can land on a bike at an angle and nothing happens…. (in GTAIV you would come off the bike)
    *GTAV You can skid into a wall, car, sideways on a bike and nothing happens… (in GTAIV Niko would put his arm out to save himself and his body would collide with the wall, car, and he would regain composure to continue)
    *GTAV When you jump in a vehicle there's no spring physics, natural bounce in the suspension… ( GTAIV has a spongy spring like feel, it's looks as if the suspension really is dissipating the energy)
    *GTAV Vehicles never lose control unless you're inept or 8yr…. (in GTAIV under power in a rear wheel drive vehicle when cornering the back could suddenly step out and spin you, Or a motorbike it would skid out from under you)

    The difference is in potential, Somethings cannot be edited, modded properly, In GTAIV I can fix all of the common handling complaints, It can be edited and fixed relatively easily it's just extremely time consuming, I think there are some handling mods out there that fix those issues. With GTAV most of the worst elements of the physics, handling, CANNOT BE FIXED As rockstar has hidden fundamental aspects of the physics, handling, behind the common scripts (unlike GTAIV)

    There's hundreds of examples, I would be writing this for a couple of days 🤣

    There are some mods like the bikes and quads ragdoll 1.0 Which is a script mod that overrides some of that hidden data..
    There's also a mod which changes the handling line for bikes to remove the traction control, So they can wheel spin. But there's no real physics underlying so even when the motorbike breaks traction in a corner it won't skid out from under you

    The most impressive thing in GTAIV is Helicopters would physically part water when hovering low.. That's a true physics

  4. Once I download Mods I will download all of those mods that are in the link

  5. Gta v handling are absolutely shit it feels like playing a mobile game and gta 4 is much better

  6. GTA 5 handling sucks ass wtf u saying it’s better gta 4 damage physics is better n handling to

  7. I remember on GTA 5 Xbox 360 I could crash into people cars and their wheels would break off the car

  8. I'm waaaay late here, but that's not body roll, it's over steer. Body roll is when the car itself shifts weight from one side to the other horizontally when you quickly steer the car left or right. In this case there's not much body roll, but the car definitely over steers.

  9. muted the vid pulled up another tab typed glukoza schweine and listened while playing this video…. memories memories…. got my family to go bowling again!

  10. Wtf did you practice that latvian sentence or what cus that was pretty accurate lol.

  11. What happened to being able to buy guns on the phone I used to be amazing plus he used to get cheat codes by actually calling people on the phone I didn't even know God there was cheat codes on the phone until I accidentally dialed the wrong number and got a freaking comet

  12. All I wanted to see, gta4s damage module on gat5…. I can't stand cars exploding on impact after a 5ft fall on its roof.. or any other part of the car that's no the wheels!

  13. Says GTA 4 had better car physics than GTA 5

    Well, this'll be my first and last video of his, lol.

    Cue the "Well we don't want you anyways" fanboi comments

  14. gta 4 is not realistic its over realistic…!! gta 5 is not realitsic but its better to play..Gta 4 fans pls Play nfs payback with gta 4 physics and handling.. anyone says Gta 4 has realistic handling//put him in the mental cell..lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll/give him an oscar plss

  15. You are all morons, first you complain that in GTA IV the ride is too difficult and the cars are sliding and then as it comes out GTA V you say that it is too easy for Casual

  16. Gta5 cars are like bricks. Gta4 actually had body roll and suspension. The hummer never let the wheels lift. The sandking 3 wheels over curbs. Has like 1 inch of travel. Its bull shit..

  17. I would also love if they would make camera position in vehicle to be like more on the left side and car is on the right and close to the vehicle and a bit down like it was in GTA 4!
    And GTA IV player camera postion too!

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