GTA 4 flying motorbike mod

[This cheat/mod is old, and I can’t find it anymore]
Whats to say? it’s a flying bike cheat. Get the right couple of files, copy and paste them into the GTA 4 main folder then load the game up and press F1.

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  1. Its not a code. It is a mod you install. Thats why there is no code to show you.

  2. What's the point of showing this video and don't show us the code!!!!!!!!??

  3. before a your character starts shooting, everyone sees a flying motorbike and their like eh…ok

  4. @leongreen2002 This is done using a cheat you have to download, not with the phone codes. Look for "simple native gta trainer".

  5. @PhillyTribute You would have to mod your 360 probably. I have to idea how to do that kind of thing.

  6. @superhooyooman gtagaming. com but this cheat trainer is old, I'm not sure it even works or exists anymore. Maybe it has been updated and is called something else.

  7. @LegoJay101 This footage is taken from single player, and you can choose the female character model with the same cheat that lets you fly. The person you replied to is asking about multiplayer.

  8. @mrrockset1 I dont get it. how is he in multiplayer if it says he has missions on the map.and how is he a girl at the same time

  9. @mrrockset1 Not sure, I think the cheats will work but you might get banned if you play in Ranked multiplayer.

  10. @sneaselfan3 Yes if you find the right mod, this 1 is old and out of date.

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