Gta 5 $100 Millions stock Glitch ( Bean machine stock glitch ) Make $100 millions in few minutes


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  1. It’s not even a glitch rockstar put it into the game on purpose and second of all it dosnt always work theirs like a thousand videos on the same thing

  2. 10% of 1.1 billion dollars is 100 million only and if we invest 34 million 10% is only 3 milion profit, that's math for you 😅

  3. You got the stock to rise, but you bought it at its highest price, instead if lowest. Its easier to bring back lifeinvader than to buy high and sell low. Lol

  4. Wouldn't it have been better to buy before the first destroying of the store? You could have bought at 1% ish and sold at like 10%, instead of 6% – 10%.

  5. Its fake don't work for xbox version…its more fun to play on pc and for that its a Enhanced Native Trainer and you can have up to 2+ Bilion $

  6. Lmao what you buy when the stocks have the lowest cost and sell when they go up😂

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