GTA 5: 29 Secrets and Easter Eggs

Watch 29 secrets and Easter eggs in GTA 5 referencing dozens of real-world movies, games and TV shows, Rockstar’s previous works and more.

CORRECTION: #11 is firstly a reference to Republican Space Rangers. But the cartoon is well-known as inspired by Halo.

CORRECTION: #29 is the ghost is actually Jolene Cranley-Evans, and the name she leaves behind is Jock, accusing her husband of her murder.


  1. what about the Riot helmet named Grupper and has a logo that looks like the Rainbow six siege logo

  2. You can also see Niko bellic in Trevor's shed.On the table there is a wanted sign with Niko bellic on it

  3. Imagine being so bored that you scrolled all the way down to my comment

  4. In Prologue,Go to mount Gordo and you will see a car arriving near the ghost's location and a couple is going to the exact ghost location,The man pushed the woman in the hill and the man escapes away to lundernoff north yankton by rushing to the airport
    (i was wanted because i killed several people doe ^||||/^)

  5. The ghost isn’t Leonora Johnson. The ghost is the wife of the guy running for Office. He was suspected of killing her but the investigation was ended because of insufficient evidence. They mention this in a radio news blip.

  6. The mount chiliad is the whole story of the story mode left is micheal, middle is franklin right is trevor, so that easter egg is done

  7. #29 that isnt the ghost of Leonora Johnson. Remember the stunt double that British pair compare Trevor too, Jock? That's the ghost of Jocks wife, after he pushes her off the cliff because she didn't want to move to LS when he did. There's more to that story, including going to a park near Ursulas house around 23:00 and 0:00 and hearing screams. I haven't done that yet, but it sounds terrifying.

  8. The name under the ghost is jock not jack and jock is jock Cranley the stuntman who also makes an appearance in arena war and who was lauras husband

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