GTA 5 : 3 news cheat codes (READ DESCRIPTION !!!)

For enable this cheat codes,you must :
– Play on PS4,XBOX ONE or PC
– Be a returning player
– Complete the corresponding random event where these vehicles appear (Duke versus,dodo challenge and wild life photography) !!!

Enter the number code with the in-game phone for PS4/Xbox One/PC version or also enter the word with your keyboard if you are on PC

-199933284227 or DEATHCAR : Spawn a Duke o’ death (Bulletproof muscle car)
-19993984628 or EXTINCT : Spawn a Dodo…


  1. how to unlock duke o death ok lets solve this

    random event so this name of the event call duel

    1. go to los santos customs in grand senoria desert

    2. play as trevor and if it wont spawn finish tonya missions

    3. time for the spawn any time it wont work at 1am to 4am

  2. You gotta unlock them for it to work I can't get the duke o death I need to unlock it to get it 🥇🥈🥉🥇🥉🥇🥈🥉🥇🥈🥉🥇🥉🏅🥇🥈🥉🏅🥇🥈

  3. It worked for me!!I completed all my mission n all race then i got it yeah for me

  4. For these to work you guys need to complete the missikns of these vehicles like the mission mini sub
    You cant take it before completing there respective missions

  5. You have to do random events to unlock them

    Duke ODeath to the duel event as Trevor
    Dodo a random event up north in a cave near blain county
    Kraken you’ll get a random side mission from Beverly to take 50 pictures of animals in the game

  6. im a returning player but it doesn't work for me but i am using a different account coz i carnt remember my password to my account on my Xbox 360 and im using an Xbox one

  7. It don't work do me yet because I need to unlock it first but it works because it said cheat proceeding then said it needs to be unlocked ya

  8. that phone doesn't work on pc..i've tried it a dozen times..just cant figure out how to get duke of death

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