GTA 5 – All 27 Peyote Plant Locations Guide – Play As Animals Easter Egg Tutorial (GTA V)

Grand Theft Auto V – The Best GTA 5 Easter Egg so far, playing as a ton of different animals in GTA 5 Next Gen for the PS4 and Xbox One!

This video contains all 27 locations of the Peyote Plants in GTA 5 Next Gen!

Some of the animals include:
Boar Pig Cat Dog Coyote Fish Dolphin Stingray Orca Bird Chicken Seagull Hammerhead Shark Pug Poodle Mountain Lion Deer Cow & more!

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  1. I got the trophy, thank you. Ignore these guys, they are just triggered because some of them are a nightmare (water ones especially lol)

    Would have been nice to have an order the guide got the job done 🙂

  2. Being a bird sucks Sadly you can't play as an underwater animal in director mode.

  3. i had some problems i think i should share. i couldnt see some peyotes. you have to change the characters to fix it.

  4. anyone else timing the game with the video so you would eat the peyote at the same time

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