GTA 5 – ALL SECRET & RARE MELEE WEAPON LOCATIONS (Bat, Golf Club, Hammer, & Crowbar) [GTA V]

These are all the secret Melee Weapons in Grand Theft Auto V. I show how to get the baseball bat, the crowbar, the golf club and the hammer. Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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  1. There is no baseball bat and the golf club there aren’t those people there

  2. You know where I found the crowbar

    underwater in a some water generator when I was scuba diving
    Dats huw I gut entew thes videou

  3. Been playing the game on and off for several years now I just found the bat by complete accident last week I found the golf club first thing because I I knew where to get that was the most obvious one and but I don't have the crowbar and never even knew it was weapon in the game also I believe their is another place the bat spawns it's some house in Blaine county I think

  4. for people that don't want to go all the way to pollito for the crowbar you can go to the Los Santos customs and on the staircase next to the garage

  5. Bat location: Hookies bathroom (the property)

    are laughing at the bat because it reminds you og Big Smoke?

    also you can remove the word Hammer cause you can buy it

  6. For the golf club, find literally anybody holding a club, and run into them. Make them drop it and it's yours

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