GTA 5 – Cell Phone Cheats Rampage

We use the new cell phone cheats for flaming bullets, free parachutes and a Buzzard attack helicopter on a quick rampage in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 / Xbox One.

For more on GTA 5’s cheats and secrets, check out our full wiki on IGN @


  1. Ps3 cheats

    Wanted level down:R1,R1,O,R2,right,left,right,left,right,left



  2. Next awesome sandbox action-driving game…."Mad Max" from Avalanche studios….You'll see.

  3. Man I wish they made a GTA and took the documentary "Cocaine cowboys" as an inspiration .. kinda like Vice city but even better 

  4. Atleast offer a max 20$ upgrade free for ppl who own it on ps3 and xbox…killing my wallet here BITCHSTAR

  5. What makes GTA V so perfect :
    The perfect mix of realism and complete batshit crazy bullshit.

  6. HEY 🙂 For GTA 5 First Person Funny Moments and other Games check my Channel please 😉

  7. I have recently started uploading GTA 5 to my channel! Would love if people could go check it out thanks! 🙂

  8. Runs at 60fps and 4k on Wii U. Also adds more water, can never have too much water.

  9. Are cheats saved in the phone so you don't have to input the long number every time? If not that kind of sucks, because it would be nice to scroll through your contacts and select the cheat you want without having to call the number every time.

  10. Aw man at the end you could've raged out and kept going, your special ability was almost full.

  11. why the hell would they change how the cheats are put it in? In ps3 version it was just buttons and directional pad.
    And ya GTAV is super old now, there is literally no reason to even own the ps4 version, graphics are literally the only change that I've seen. Other than them changing how codes are put in which is weird….

  12. Getting paid by rockstar huh, I saw you dodge (at least try to) that fire glitch on one of the cars in the beginning

  13. Are they ever going to put in real cheats like invincibility and I don't mean that 5 min bull crap. What about apocalyspe mode from the original San Andreas. Where civilians have weapons and the city is on fire and stuff.

  14. You're kidding right??? Xbox has sold more consoles??? What is wrong with you are you that stupid PS4 is destroying Xbox with sales they have been since they first come out do your research before you want to try talking buddy 😂😂😂😂

  15. Everyone who bought this on next gen is a sheep you paid 120 for the same game on both consoles

  16. wow no console is better when it comes to this game . if you play a game on a certain console because it has some better grass then your just fucking stupid

  17. This video should be renamed let us use 2 cheats and fly around in a buzzard and plane… Cmon guys… Really?

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