GTA 5 Cheats: Vehicle Repair Hack

If you’re in need of an immediate vehicle repair, use this exploit to fix your car to (near) pristine condition for free.
Provided that you do not have a wanted level (thus removing your ability to swap characters), switch to a different character than the one driving the vehicle you want repaired, then immediately switch back. You car / plane / etc will be completely fixed, apart from any windows that may have been broken.


  1. Buddy, I've spent an eternity trying to get are titan plane but thanks to your tip here, I've got one in perfect shape!

  2. There is another hack for it. U can use the health cheat, although you'll have to use it while ur in your car. The health cheat code has a triangle or y in it, forcing you to get out of the car. This problem can be solved. Get out of the car and then use the health cheat code. When you press triangle or y you'll automatically get in your car. Go a little slow at the start cuz there's a circle or b before triangle or y and if you're unarmed (which I recommend to avoid getting cops)then he will complete the punch and triangle or y will have no effect on him. Hope this helped.

  3. don't try this if you have a customized vehicle, when you switch back it will be stock aside from the paint job and window tint

  4. Or, another tip for you IGN is enter the health and armor cheat in the pause menu by hitting "hide menu" and entering the code. Now I am going to continue my web search for some infinite ammo cheat for the minigun, maybe even a jet or never wanted cheat. I hope you guys find more cheats.

  5. Thx so much I used this 2 repair a fighter jet that broke down outside my hangar:p

  6. Or just use the health cheat… Now do note that the cheat contains a Y, so you must start outside the vehicle. Begin the cheat slowly to give the character enough time to get in the vehicle and then once inside, finish the cheat normaly and you will have a repaired car (including windows). Thanks for reading, rob

  7. time to do this with my flighter jet,i landed it and the wheels fell off 😛

  8. a glitch is not a 3rd party program or injection. Rockstar wouldnt infect there game. When every game goes through programming, so its little flaws in the game. Every brand new game fresh from the studio will have glitches in them until they have a change log of what needs to be fixed

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  10. Try up up down down left right left right select start, idk if that works. Maybe you get something to do with konami 😀

  11. I stole the Titan aka C-130 from the military base it was smoking and about to shut down on me. Did this quick switch and aircraft was repaired and running. Thanks!

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