GTA 5 – Cinematic First Person Action Kills – Physics/Gore Mod – PC

It’s been a long time coming, I’m finally back with some more GTA 5. I recently picked up the game on Steam for pretty cheap, I decided to mod the game a little to make the gameplay feel better and tune the visuals a little. In this video, I have a few highlights from some of the early missions in the game. I hope you enjoy the gameplay, let me know if you want more in the future.


  1. If only rockstar cared and done the game like this (including online mode) they would probably have 3 times the money and prestige they have now.

  2. yo what flashlight mod is that? it's much more effective than the original which is weak as hell

  3. Now why couldn't the original game look and sound as good as this mod? Its bullshit that AAA game devs like Rockstar cant do something like this, but the modding community can…. it's actually really sad, the game would have been alot more fun if it was developed to look like this..even the guns sound way better… I'm sick of devs downgrading their games

  4. Watching this made me think of a few things R* could easily add in an update and would greatly improve the play through.

    1: Make flashlights blind people, make them cover their eyes or turn away and get to cover.

    2: Red Dead 2 gore.

    3: Have criminal outposts you can takeout. I really disliked after I beat the game there was no one to shoot at besides cops and random gang bangers on the street. It’d be cool if random gang hideouts popped up around LS.

    4: Have bounty hunters or gang hit squads come after you if you kill too many cops or too many gangsters.

    5. Change the bullets or shells for the guns so the ballistics actually matter.

  5. This is proof that rockstar needs to make a John wick game and I personally think that the John wick universe would translate really well to a video game adaptation you would take increasingly dangerous missions and interact with the characters from the continental trading hard earned gold coins for better gear and sleeker suits

  6. I don't like you shooting the surrending NPCs and the girls. Roleplay as Franklin. Jesus he isn't Trevor.

  7. The FPS mode in GTA V is amazing but disorienting at the same time

  8. Hi can you pls make a montage on GTA V story mode or online pls

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