GTA 5 Coming to PC / PS4 / Xbox One?

GTA 5 Coming to PC / PS4 / Xbox One?
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  1. It's funny looking through these comments and seeing people arguing and being confident with there fake release dates lol. 11/18/14 for consoles and January for pc

  2. Guys if you have PC and you really want to play it get an Xbox emulator. It will be a bit laggy though.

  3. Guys if you have PC and you really want to play it get an Xbox emulator. It will be a bit laggy though.

  4. they need release this for xbox one already. rock star hurry fuck up you guys are stupid for this releasing  this xbox one came out not fair. 

  5. The only reson why I'm waiting is because I don't have a console but when it comes out on PC I will buy a game controller for my PC to play it XD

  6. Why it need to come on pc peeps pc have allot of gameaso i said make it for ps4 or xbox1

  7. Let it come for ps4 and for xbox for pc is it boring like if u want it for ps4 or xbox

  8. The budget was over 250 million dollars, but, on the first 3 days of sales they made buildings. It can't be that hard to copy the game to xbox one/PC/ps4…. Lots of other games managed.

  9. makes sense they wouldn't announce it right now, i just hope they come through and release it for xb1 and ps4. Excited for titanfall though!!! 

  10. Not starting a war or anything, but we all know what'll happen if it comes out for PC. There's going to be better graphics. Better anistrophic filtering, better anti-aliasing, faster load times, accuracy with mouse&keyboard etc. Undeniable.

  11. I'm waiting. It will come out for next generation because they will get people who are willing to buy the game twice and therefor more money for them.

  12. I chated with a amazon represenitive and they said GTA V was going to be available for Pre- Order in about a month

  13. if you are willing to make sure or want to have gta5 on next gen, sign this petition here:
    The least signatures we need is 50 to start off the beginning of the next gen petition. also, it would not be a good enough year without gta 5 filling that free roaming, killing madness, and fun(except watch dogs.) so sign here if you agree to wanting or making sure to make gta 5 exist!

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