GTA 5 – Enus Super Diamond Location – Epsilon Car

Where to find the Enus Super Diamond – Epsilon Car.
Here’s the location of the Pegassi Vacca in GTA V. This is the first car you’ll be asked to collect and return to the Epsilon garage.

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  1. What happens if you try to keep it for yourself will still allow you to continue on with the other missions.

  2. … Did I get the car to early, I found the car while its was moving and before the mission 0_0

  3. Hi, I have set the exact Enus Super Diamond I stole for the Epsilon Program as my "getaway vehicle" for the FIB Heist…the problem is that the garage does not open outside that specific Epsilon mission, so when I do the Heist and I come to the point in which I should get in my getaway vehicle I just can't enter in it because it is in the garage in which I can't enter….anyone has a solution ?

  4. your awesome, perfect video straight to the point,no begging for likes just a helpful video thank you 🙂

  5. Thanks, you were the first video I saw to give an actual location, not just an "area to search". It was right where you showed it!

  6. On ps3 and xbox so all the gamers have to buy the game not just download it from a iste

  7. Gta v 2014 for pc y because rockstar didnt want piracy and wanted to make some money

  8. No lie this is the very first car that had stole from the streets in Rockford Hills in 30 minutes into my gameplay and put it in my garage. then i pulled it out when i knew that i had to use it for this mission

  9. GTA 5 for PC will not be released. So no PC gamers will have GTA 5 for their computer.

  10. just what i heard. i know its a long shot. usually it would be a while as the other pc versions were

  11. I'm so fucking pissed get this I donated 2500 to these assholes as I was told only fr me to go to their main hideout…where they asked me fr $5000 wtf lol

  12. november ? sorry I dont want to dissapoint you but theres no way they can start selling a pc version this year maybe Fev if they make it a pryority

  13. What a pointless video!! Like there aren't 100+ videos showing the Kifflom trophy requirements/locations already out there. Lazy lazy video guys….

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