GTA 5 – Epsilon Tracts Location Guide

Walkthrough / Guide for all the 10 Epsilon Program Tracts to collect in Grand Theft Auto V (HD)

GTA V Achievements / Trophies and Side Missions Playlist:


SIDE MISSION: Epsilon Tracts Collectibles
0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – Epsilon Tract #1 – Mount Chiliad (Blaine County)
1:07 – Epsilon Tract #2 – Pacific Ocean (Los Santos)
2:08 – Epsilon Tract #3 – Pacific Ocean (Blaine County)


  1. After 10 mins I finnaky found the fricking bottle in the water

  2. Oh I finally got the pop up to take the little online thing test your personality or whatever the hell it was and nothing happened to my screen or map telling me to go to some location. Nothing happened. So I have to go look for things to get in a cult. Lol ok

  3. Wtf is this stupid order….. You are in Sandy shores, then u go to LS, then back in SH, then in LS and then back to SH

  4. Just found the first on top of Mount Chilliad with Trevor on accident lol thanks for the guide :))

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