GTA 5 Facts and Glitches You Don't Know #17 (From Speedrunners)

Featuring Invisible weapons, Levitating masks, explore North Yankton, Warping any vehicle into a garage, surprising effects of burning things and more!

MM KJ ChromeExhaust:

GTA 5 Facts and Glitches attempts to give you a taste of what I have learned about Grand Theft Auto V in the over 5000 hours that I have been Speedrunning the game. The best of all categories is…


  1. I tried doing that glitch of warping with the north yankton mission on Xbox and the warp kinda works but my game gets stuck on a screen where is saying "Ludendorff, North Yankton". I don't know whats wrong.

  2. If you drive a motor bike into flanklins small house and run into aunt denise when she is on the couch with a face mask on she will slide down the couch

  3. If you have a pick up with a boat you can back the boat into the water and the boat actually detaches so if you want to boat just steal a truck with a boat trailer

  4. The North Yankton glitch doesn’t work on ps4. When you do it, It shows one frame of micheal at the hospital with the Ludendorff outfit on then the screen goes black and says “Ludendorff, North Yankton”. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Now I want to know if it's possible to drive a train out of your garage by warping into one with mods.

  6. Literally burns franklin and shoots him off the boat


  7. If your car is damaged (as any character) you can switch to another character to repair the car (I don’t think it repairs windows. It works every now and then).

  8. After the mission in which you collect the cars for Devin Weston using all characters, you can switch to a character left in the garage (I think you need to switch to Micheal). After doing so, you will spawn in a out of bounds location since you can’t access the garage’s interior.

  9. Did they patch the north yankton glitch? I did the garage glitch seemingly correct and when i flew the plane into north yankton it didn't kill trevor, but the garage door sound effect still played when the screen faded to black.

  10. Did anyone managed to save the indestructible vehicle? For me it's always losing the power after reloading

  11. Is it possible to get the train out of your garage?

  12. Bro! Last time I explored north yankton was like around December 2013 I think how the glitch worked was you had to start a new game so that you're in north yankton then you needed a friend to be in a private lobby and I think you had to play till you came out the bank then he needed to send you an invite and you accept then load in and fly to like the east part of the map I have only one picture of my online character there I didnt take more because at the time I was afraid I'd get banned or something lol but after all this time I cant believe there's a way to explore it again I might redownload gta just to do that

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