GTA 5 : FAST AND FURIOUS 350Z!! (Customization & Midnight Escape)

GTA 5 Mods continue with this! The GTA 5 ZR380 aka, the Nissan 350z! We turn it into the Fast and Furious 350z Drift King from Tokyo Drift! Subscribe for more GTA 5 Customization, Fast and Furious Cars, Mods and much more!

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  1. We're turning the normal ZR380 into the Tokyo Drift 350z thanks to WiseGuy!

  2. can someone do a video on how to get the car or send me a link on how to get cars plzz

  3. why u can customize in benny workshop. Mine cannot go in benny. How to do bro

  4. Everyone knows that the z 350z is from need for speed underground 2 and not from fast and furieus

  5. Hey bro i know this is a eealy late comment but i was trying to modify my 350z but it doesnt let me get access to benny's garage

  6. How did you get it into Benny’s I just tried and it said the car couldn’t be modified there

  7. love how he made the drift king but thinks drifting is power sliding with the handbrake AND he put bulletproof tires

  8. Is the stock zr380 available for ps4 coz all i see is the ones in weaponized ones

  9. You put a diffuser but your camera is so close to your car you cant even see it

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