GTA 5: Fast & Furious LS Drift Race (No Cheats Or Mods)

Here is a drift race created by be77ercallsaul on xbox 360. This is a very nice race to try and drift with many tight corners that challenge you. If you have a race you would like me to look at and maybe showcase in a video please PM a link or leave it in the comments. If you would like to try this race find the link below.

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  1. Yo what up I'm in your crew send me a friend request iits ViZe

  2. I joined your drift crew! Ill add you tonight. I would love to show your how I drift 🙂

  3. Hey man, great vid. I was wondering if you could try to drift the Karin intruder. I hear a lot of people say its a good drift car, but I can't really get it to slide myself. Since you're pretty damn good at drifting in gta, could you post up a vid of you trying to get it sideways?

  4. I tried out the the ghost drift mod and got the same results and tried it without it first. Stop modding

  5. When I started drifting with the benefactor I couldn't drift the futo anymore it was a bad idea to drift the benefactor

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