GTA 5 – Fastest Car In Game Location and Exotic Cars

Grand Theft Auto V gameplay of driving and where to find the Truffade Adder (Bugatti Veyron) which is the fastest car in the game. Also location of a few other exotic and fast cars at the second location including, but not limited to, Pegassi Infernus, Vapid Bullet, Overflod Entity XF, Grotti Cheetah, Pfister Comet, Obey 9F, Inverto Coquette, and more!

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  1. That isn't the fastest car in the game. And it doesn't even look like a Veyron. Also I'm pretty sure that the T-20 is faster

  2. It spawns only at day and go to it with a fast car not really fast but a good and try to grab it with the three

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