GTA 5 Firefighter Mod Tiller Ladder Firetruck Responding To Structure Fires & Motor Vehicle Accident

GTA 5 Rescue Mod V Firefighter Mod. Tractor Drawn Aerial / Tiller Ladder 4 & Engine 4 responding to emergency calls such as commercial structure fires, fire alarms, motor vehicle accidents & car fires. What should we do for our next firefighter video?

Check out my previous firefighter mod video featuring the new Spartan fire trucks responding to fire & rescue calls.

GTA 5 Volunteer Firefighters Responding To Fires & Motor Vehicle Accidents…


  1. @acepilot2k7 Great video but where did you get the tiller? Medic 4523 has a tiller I found but not one that has black at the top of the cab. The model looks great and at first I thought you were using his model with just a livery but I looked closer and it looks like an entirely different model. Am I wrong. And if not can you help me find it. I looked in the description and also couldn't find it.

  2. I feel like Rockstar could have done, such a better job with the fire department in GTA 5

  3. Iโ€™m dissatisfied at 8:30 First: NO ONE IS HOLDING C SPINE! Second: shittiest rapid trauma assessment. Third: why he doing chest compressions if she has a pulse? Whereโ€™s the BVM?

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  5. First in (truck) does search and vent and roof work. second in (engine) does fire attack.

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