GTA 5 First Person Glitch (PS3,Xbox 360) First Person Glitch In GTA 5 Patched By Rocksars

GTA 5 Online First Person Glitch in gta 5 online. how to get First person in gta 5 ps3.

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  2. I like how you clearly have a comment saying it doesn't work and a guy posted two days ago saying it doesn't work LOL

  3. I hate how rockstar dont give a fuck about old gen plus they also dont give a shit to hackers
    and those hydra trollers on next fucking generation plus they also patch harmless glitches
    like launch glitches,outfit glitches,floating glitches.And the only thing that they have to try
    to stop are invincibility glitches and those money glitches that they seriously need to have
    to take care of.Plus they said that gta5 was supposed to be fun.Well they sure screwed up on
    that part when they made this game.So to rockstar thanks for nothing!

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