GTA 5 – Flight School 100% All Gold Medals Guide (GTA V)

GTA 5 walkthrough on how to get all gold medals for the Flight School and max out your flying skill in Grand Theft Auto 5!
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#1: Training Take Off @ 0:52
#2: Runway Landing @ 1:32
#3: Inverted Flight @ 2:15
#4: Knife Flight @ 3:54
#5: Flat Hatting…


  1. Y’all talking bout the helli but the tru challenge is the under the bridge one

  2. The helicopter is so damn stupid, it literally moves by itself and doesn’t do what i tell it

  3. Only the noobs do the flight school to get inside the airport when we the pros only climb the gate or destroy it with a car XDXDXD

  4. I fail EVERY TIME at the loop to loop even after watching this video. It just resets the hole thi mmmhhg. I mena the half loop thing comes back. HELP ME

  5. Hi!

    Thanks for video!

    I am russian videogamer Alexander (shortly russian name "Shura").

    I also decided to pass the entire GTA 5 story-line, I want all the missions and tasks to pass.

    I will publish my passes on my gamer YouTube-channel "Shura Shooter."

  6. Helicopter is way too hard, I’m doing everything right and at the end it keeps saying I’ve apparently missed a goal time? It’s very annoying cause I have no idea what I’m doing wrong!

  7. Hey guys, I need help. I have finished flight school as Michael, but I don’t know hat to do afterwards air where to go or how to carry on with the story.

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