GTA 5 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Review

GTA 5’s amazing world looks and feels at home on new-gen hardware, and it’s one of the best games available today.


  1. ao i just re bought this for xbox one because my PS4 version was glitching in a bunch of different areas, but i thought if you had your social club linked, things like the assault SMG and all of it's attachments were free, along with the hammer, i did get a free assault SMG, but all the parts cost money, am i missing something?

  2. GTA V is too ahead of its time even now, the effort that they put in this game is really amazing

  3. I still think Michael is the main protagonist I believe the game revolves more around him then the other two

  4. Man the game is still so special one of the best game of the last gen era the way rockstar pushed the boundaries of last gen console was amazing can't wait to see what they do with next gen console for gta 6

  5. Graphics and gameplay wise GTA 5 is the best but when it comes to storytelling characters and atmosphere GTA 4 is the best. I don't know I just don't relate to Franklin Trevor and Michael as much as I relate to Niko. Franklin Michael and especially Trevor are too out there. Niko was more down to earth and real and his story was much darker and more of a serious crime game which o prefer over GTA 5 with its over the top silliness

  6. It was,is and will always be a Masterpiece and remain at the top of video games.👑👑

  7. I hate GTAV's physics It really ruined the gameplay for me. This Is NOT one of the best games ever made imo not even top 25. GTA IV was better than this game in everything
    but the size and the amount of minigames. This game really threw me off the GTA series and I realize how dated It's sandbox take truly Is. The fun and strong focus Is gone
    maybe It's trying to be too much of everything and It all comes off as shallow. They should totally re-imagine open world games and take a risk on depth
    Instead of size. This Is the same reason I had a hard time caring for Bethesdas games , alot of content but the depth and exploration feels cheap and pointless.
    Fix the car physics back to fun mode for GTA6 , change the archaic gun shooting , get some rpg element-like depth in the wanted system and the story mode.
    Refresh the entire series. I always loved side missions like Police chase , taxi , ambulance etc… so allow the player to go much deeper into that as a career within the game.
    GTA needs more depth within It's established features , not just more tasks for you to do but quality complex tasks and character growth.

  8. Если честно я ничего не понял но досмотрел ролик до конца! Я надеюсь какой нибудь русский меня лайкнет)!

  9. Never and i mean NEVER trust an ign review. It's all personal nitpicking with those dumbasses.

  10. This is a great game but the story wasn't that great. San Andreas was way better.

  11. Says the PS4 has a slight graphical edge- shows a clip where the PS4 version is two shades brighter. THATS WHY WE HAVE DISPLAY SETTINGS. Lol people think they have an eye for detail these days but probably still draw stick figures.

  12. GTA V/Online Review : It has a Outstanding SinglePlayer that has Fantastic Size and Amazing Detail. A Endless MultiPlayer that has Limitless Opportunities and Infinite Possibilities. The Story Mode has an Awesome Plot. The Online has Unlimited Content. The Single/MultiPlayer has Incredible and Boundless Gameplay. GTA V and GTA Online have Unbelievable and Never-Ending Sales, Popularity, and Iconicness.

    GTA V has Amazing Detail. It has an Fantastic Story. It has Awesome Missions. It has Incredible Graphics. It has Unbelievable Physics.

    GTA Online has Infinite Content. It has Limitless Gameplay. It has Unlimited Customization. It has Boundless Weapons. It has Never-Ending Vehicles.

    GTA V : 10/10 Outstanding Masterpiece
    GTA Online : 10/10 Endless Masterpiece
    GTA V/Online : 10/10 Beyond Masterpiece

    I Prefer GTA V and it's better. I Play GTA Online more and it's bigger. GTA V/Online is one my Favorite and Best Games Of All Time.

  13. For the next GTA i would love to see a european setting. Maybe 3 cities in once like Paris, Berlin and London

  14. Why are people always complaining on every review In the comments about the score? People saying It got a 10 but it has a con and shouldn't have gotten it? If it got a lower score everyone would've still complained at how the older version got 10 blabla. You can't win

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