GTA 5 – Ghost Town Glitch – No Traffic – Drive As Fast as You Want – GTA 5 Glitches

Modded Controller Review
Remove all the traffic off the map including people and then just cruise around the map as fast as you want

RSP Director Glitching Queen

Founder: HatsuneMikuFan0001


  1. Only issue is that you say "anyone can purchase this property" in actuality it's only Franklin.

  2. You know what I hate if I go too far away from lama it said you've abhanden lama

  3. I do this because I'm recording a GTA 5 Stunt but the traffic is stupid

  4. I can go fast when ever I want because I doge cars. it feels like Need For Speed doge cars. You don't need a glitch just skills to drive.

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