GTA 5 Glitches $25,000 Every 10 Seconds Easy Unlimited Cash Trick/Glitch No Cheats!

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  1. it works for me but I have to go above water and then switch characters and then go back under

  2. Thank you so much, so if I do 6,000 times I can buy the golf club. Yeah. The money investment thing is confusing for me lol

  3. That doesn't work on xboxone, briefcase doesn't respawn even if another character is close by…for me, my character has to die and then go back to the location.

  4. if it doesn't work its because of the gta update… if you want this case delete the update for the game in settings storage , update on xbox…also  Make sure your offline .. unplug your inernet connection… you get all the hidden cases then ….  thumbs up please tell your buddies if you don't already know…  the update takes all the cases from the game.. they didn't fix the glitch instead they remeoved all the hidden cases…

  5. I found a wepon and the sutcase. Sory about my eng im from Sweden.

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