GTA 5 – Grappling Hook Mod = AWESOME!!!

Some short clips of the fun you can have with the Just Cause 2 style grappling hook mod.

Mod download:

I also used Native Trainer to spawn vehicles:


  1. If I remember correctly, there was a Joker (Persona 5) skin for this game.

    We can stay true to the Smash source material

  2. The one on the train looked like it kept trying to form Devastator. Boo on dragging the shark though. Even in a video game that's a dick move.

  3. Que pasa si trevor va a la casa de michael y llamas a la policia y los matas y vas al aeropuerto y buscas mas policias y agaras un avion te vas aotra parte me llamo jose

  4. do you have the mod right now
    can you please send me the link other than juliano blog's?

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