GTA 5 Gun Guide Stun Gun (Review, Stats, & How To Unlock)

In this episode of my series called “GTA 5 Gun Guide” we will be looking at the Stun Gun in Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA 5 Gun Guide is a series on my channel where we will be looking at all of the weapons in Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online.

What are your thoughts on the Stun Gunin GTA 5? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. F*** Google I look up story mode ain't give me online and some scammer random person who I do not trust tells me to go to the middle of nowhere there should be a taser I try to get some professionals I get bulshit online why is it bulshit no offense to you YouTubers I'm mad at Google could you please do story mode I just got the game a couple of weeks ago and got a surgery recently and I can't be playing the game or watch the other you're a bunch of mission maybe use some sort of cheat I get some unprofessional bulshit that nobody would ever believe I get online crap and the video is from 2019 I want to PS3 I know I need to upgrade sorry for the way I'm a Feen I may subscribe and leave a like on your video

  2. Only in freemode and storymode the npc's will will die not online missions freemode missions and heist the enemies will just stand back from the ground because in online missions and heist the enemies they don't die instantly especially heist merry weather and noose can survive explosive sniper round in doomsday heist they wil just stand up like nothing happend in storymode the enemies wil die instantly but online not

  3. I got it when I played as Franklin when the cops had a word with them but it doesn’t show up in the shop

  4. THATS wierd cause when I hit a civilian he allways died but it’s a stun gun how does it kill people

  5. Does enyone know how to get all of the guns in gta 5 online I think I have to play gta 5 online on a Xbox one but I don't have Xbox one

  6. If it were in online I would start trolling someone by constantly shooting with it until they’re dead, leave, or go passive just for fun

  7. When i shoot a civillian with a stun gun it "paralyse" them, the paramedics came and never took him to a hospital and when i waited… he never got up… is he dead or…

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