GTA 5 Health and Armor Cheat Code + All Weapons PS3 + Xbox 360 (Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats)

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  2. If you're a beginner, why doesn't the cheat codes for all weapons work at the beginning of the game?

    How do you toggle through the weapons?

  3. you know what the worst part of the health cheat on this game is??? IT HAS TRIANGLE in it which means you can no longer enter it to repair your vehicle which is stupid. they really didnt think the cheats through this time. should also have good cars to spawn i dont want a trash master i want to spawn a cheetah, i dont want to spawn a crop duster i want to spawn the jet.

  4. Cops shouldn't be able to kill you so fucking fast it's a game popularized b/c of how much shit you can fuck up and how fun it is fucking it up yet they decide to give us low health (or make cops better w/e you like to call it) so you die in no time and have to fork out $5,000 and restart from a fucking hospital. So bogus, oh and the fact i just dropped thousands of dollars to trick out a car i found, saved it in my fucking garage, and now it's gone.

  5. if u use cheats, it removes the challenges and fun from the game unless ur just playing to get stars and kill

  6. It's not input, it's common sense. 2 master prestige accounts, diamond guns and map packs? Kid, please get a job.

  7. Well, what you could do is read till the end of the comment. See where that "/sarcasm" is? Yes, read that.

  8. I play video video games to relax I have to memorize an algebra formula I don't have time to memorize a cheat code for a game chill the fuck out and have fun

  9. who gives a shit what he uses cheats on, he spent his money on the game if he wants to ruin it let him. Dont like it, dont watch the video.

  10. R1,R2,L1,L2,Left,down,right,up,left,down,right,up, i still remember some cheats from SA, i didnt care for Vice city or 3 they were the early kinda crappy versions of GTA, SA was where i actually got into the games. But i still had all of them

  11. haha yeah, I remember the good old days with GTA 1 & 2 on PS1.. Been a GTA fan since 1997. Those little dumb shits shouldn't even be playing that game.

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