GTA 5 – How To Get A Gang (Tutorial)

Welcome folks to the video of your dreams! If you have been scouring the internet in search of this then you are in luck, as i explain how to get a gang/crew in GTA 5. Its a simple thing to do. It requires no glitches or cheats. If you haven’t done so, then check out a video i did long ago on how to get a gang in GTA 4. Please like and subscribe for more. Thank you!

Apologies for my voice in this video, I was sick



  1. You didnt finish the game there was still a L on the map for Lester's mission

  2. dude nice i remember getting to places robbing the gas station the pulled a gun on me i had no ammo i died but know i always can get a gang

  3. Yeah i picked up Michael and Trevor before and also sometimes I do the little missions when a guy says hey someone stop that guy I help them sometimes but then I kill him or her so I can get more money I mean I know it's bad but since I helped him/her then I kill them to get the money I had or I just drive away with it

  4. Thanks though but… I do wan't to know how to get a gang whit all contact's ? If it's possible…

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