GTA 5 – How to get FREE Properties Glitch – Save Millions with this Cheat

This glitch in GTA 5 could save you close to a billion dollars if you utilize it with every property. That’s a pretty good cheat, right? Well, I hope this saves you guys …


  1. That was sick bro thanks so so much for making this video 😄

  2. Great video !!! Unfortunately this glitch didn't work for me. What I found is when I purchase the property then confirm and press start at the same time it then brings me to the options menu. I then replayed one of the missions but after it loaded the mission and failed it I then
    Switched back but it froze the loading screen. I'm thinking after the maintenance yesterday this could be fixed unsure !!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing !!!! Worked great !!!! I like your videos especially how to buy Trevor all the dresses you earned another subscriber !!!!

  4. Thanks again oL0RDo this will be very useful while I'm going for achievements because I beat the game.

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