GTA 5: How To Get The "TITAN" AC-130 Like Military Plane (GTA V)

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA) Get this awesome Titan Military Plane from Fort Zancudo! Only issue is getting out alive!
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  1. The Titan is a c-130 the a in ac-130 means attack and the titan does not have any guns

  2. Honestly passed the game a couple weeks again.. been using super jump && other cheat codes to steal the plane without any luck. plane is to heavy or damaged to take off low & slow or the jets crash you. nearly going bankrupt trying on all 3 players. somebody figure out something please!!!

  3. I got mine by quick save- reloading – move a little – quick saving – reloading – move a little etc until you clear the parimeter fence then fly low and save and reload 1 more time and the jets will be gone then lose the 4 stars and fly to LS hanger and park and save then feel a sense of achievement at a job well done 👍

  4. When you get inside the the Titan and sit tight, save via the phone before the plane is totally destroyed , then even eventually you failed you can load the save, you will find that you start with four star but those soldiers and tanks are not close to you. Keep saving at every point you make progress. Good luck

  5. Use invincibility cheat and skyfall cheat and then land next to the parked titans then start the engines and then go to the runway and takeoff at the end of the runway and then if it is heavily damaged use quicksave on phone and then reload the savefile and then you will spawn midair inside a perfect titan.

  6. You have to at least make it in the air quick save open the save and then you can take it to ur hangar

    Tip:fly near the ground to avoid air strike

  7. If you wanna get the titan with no problems go to the air strip in the desert if it’s not there there should be a tiny plane go in the plane and bring it somewhere out of view from the air strip and come back if it’s not there repeat the process it should only take 1 or 2 tries it works for me and I was in online I’m not sure if it’s on offline I don’t think it is I hope this helped you have a good day👍

  8. No. That's not a AC-130. Well, it's cause the AC-130 is a gunship and it's a flying gun, and you need to remove the previous guns to get other guns on there.

  9. Trick to avoid being shot by Lazer jet is to take off at the end of the runway and look backward until you're far away from Fort Zancudo. But still the probability of success was pretty low

  10. I'm looking for this too, please let me know if you know the solution now. Thank you..

  11. try play mission target practice and traver mission you go to military base in gta5 and mission won,t fail

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