GTA 5 – How To Lose The Cops Quickly!! (Tips And Tricks)

GTA 5 – How To Lose Cops Quickly – This video demonstrates the best ways to “Lose the cops in GTA 5” With some simple awesome tips that will “Lower your wanted level” in seconds. Make sure to subscribe for more “GTA 5 tips and tricks”
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  1. One other tip I have, it's specifically about a certain location. If you're wanted, go into Pillbox Hill, get in the parking garage (red building) and work your way up through the floors of the garage. There are 5 in total. If you have a 3 star wanted level, Go to the fourth floor, and hide inside that level. It's not perfect, but for 2 stars, it works every time. Also, drive up the floors as quickly as possible, it's great misdirection to get cops off you. The only other tip I can share is simple. Get off road. You may have to travel off road a ways, but they can only go so far. Any car can only go so far, since youre driving on grass, and sometimes uneven terrain. Upvote if this helps anyone. I give credit to this guy, I did not know the respray tip. Clever.

  2. get on a jet-ski down near the pier and drive to your right underneath the pier , there should be tunnel/hole entrance into the ocean along the beach. Drive into it on the jet-ski until you turn the corner a bit so they can't see you. Sit and wait till your stars drop.

  3. You can get in your car , go to your house or apartment then you will lose the cops

  4. I usually just go to the closest sewer since I kinda know where all the entrances are, if you go deep enough nobody will follow you and nobody will search there. tho it is kinda time consuming so I looked up vids like this just to see if there are better ways

  5. At night its a lot easier to loose them just turn your lights off and park somewhere anywhere out of their sight

  6. I like to go onto big mountains turn my lights off and don’t move. I’ll always loose them

  7. When cops are searching for you they will return to where you were exactly 20 seconds ago, use this to your advantage

  8. I know this is 5 year ago but I tend to stay off road and they never really come after me. But It depends on the wanted level.

  9. i love the bush thing loll if im by the water, ill hide and duck on the steps hahaa. even WITH helicopter give up, EVEN when they know you are there.
    just have to make sure they dont go around and come from the beach.

  10. Learn where all the metro tunnels are. Always use the RH tracks as the metro trains come towards you on the LH side. Cops will only follow you into the tunnels if they are right on your tail and they will give up the deeper you drive into the tunnel. There is a metro tunnel only a couple of streets away from the Union depository car-park. Use this during the Big Score and it makes a 5 star warning a piece of cake. Never had any trouble losing cops. Metro tunnels make it so damn easy. Also, if you're in a helicopter just head to the coast and fly up (or down) the coastline until the cops give up. You can easily outrun police helicopters in any helicopter. For a 1 or 2 star just land your helicopter on any high building. Cops can't get to you up there and give up very quickly.

  11. I want to kniw tricks in evading police without using tunnels and tracks. I feel like im cheating by using them

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