GTA 5 – How to Make $2.1 Billion

IGN shows you how to make more than two billion (with a ‘B’) dollars via the stock market assassination missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 / Xbox One and PS3 / Xbox 360.

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  1. I did this and it says I don't have any shares after dumped 21 mil on debonair and I did the mission then went to sell the shares and there is nothing there to sell

  2. Do we do the same to the other characters we put it on debonair and then redwood they on and on but what if we didn’t kill trevor

  3. i invested the stocks but than after i did the assasination I lost wll of my stocks

  4. and 95% of comments thought this is online, way in online to get easy billions are – shark cards

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  6. I only get the first one. When do you need to invest in redwood, fruit, facade, vapid and goldcoast?

  7. The first step is not working for me im only getting 30% after the mission and when i wait to the middle of the next day i have 50% can someone help

  8. I recommend saving ur game after the UD heist when ur about to make ur decision who to kill. Do this so you can go back if u mess up something. I learned the hard way 😭

  9. Who’s already done all of this awhile ago but watching because you’ve got nothing better to do

  10. Not even seeing these figures I think GTA capped how much potential profit you can make

  11. Yo, im having trouble with this thing. First mission went well, got the expected profit and that, but the Redwood stocks never went up.. is there something i was doing wrong?

  12. Can someone help me out it says that Bawsaq is down for maintenance how do I fix that?

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  14. I was just about to do all the assassination mission, thank you sir

  15. at the start of this process, i noticed that debonaire (however you spell it) was already at rock bottom. Does anyone know how to get them that low before starting this process?

  16. This still works in 2020. I'm in Xbox One. You don't get as much as you do in the video but I'm halfway through with 450 million on each character

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