GTA 5: How to Make Huge Money Robbing Security Trucks! All Locations Map (Grand Theft Auto V)

Grand Theft Auto 5: How to steal money from security trucks, like if you enjoyed!


Map Of Security Truck Locations – ►…


  1. The easiest and most simple way for me is to put a vehicle in front of the truck in order to block its way, shoot the driver first, and then the co driver, and go back , shoot at the rear doors get the money and escape

  2. Its quite dumb for the game to have so many cool locations that can't even be accessed or found easily. Why can't the characters go inside the Playboy Mansion or inside the UCLA College, or the large Casino by the horse racing track? Michael is the richest character. Why couldn't he steal the Playboy Mansion or buy it? These areas should have been included into the story. Just driving around past so many mansions, houses, and landmark areas without being able to access them is quite boring.

  3. Title said "huge money" .. I already have a billion $$ each character.. you only get 4k from these plebs.

    It's just fun robbing them

  4. This game is like 6 years old step it up rockstar sick of waiting I see other companies spit out 3 works of art to your one a decade

  5. I was actually driving around Los Santos and by mere chance I found one of those trucks but it had no money and neither was the blue dot on the map that usually appears. I found this “money-less” truck right outside the boardwalk of Del Perro Pier and YOU COULD ACTUALLY HIJACK it so I just took it to my house. Now there’s just a Gruppe truck in my driveway.

  6. Before robbing the truck, do the invincibility and fast run/fast swim cheat code. You’re welcome 😇

  7. Why can't I open the door of the truck
    Even though I fired at the door? Why

  8. I found a gold truck and got a key and marked a location of a bank and I went there and got in a vault and got unlimited money glitch

  9. I use sticky bombs, even with the red dots (the black vans associated with the biker gangs) works pretty well. The only issue is that sometimes the reward gets stuck under the burning vehicles and you have to push them out of the way and hope you don't set your vehicle on fire or just wait for the fire to get extinguished, then push it out of the way.

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