GTA 5 – How to Make Money Using The Stock Market Guide (GTA V)

Learn how to make money fast on GTA V with this guide on how to effectively use the GTA 5 stock market!
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    NOTE: this works on a stock disc ps4 version. I have no updates on it so I don't know if this is fixed with an update or not or if works on PC or digital versions.

    SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME YET… there anyone who hasn't played?

    This works AFTER the Life invader quest.

    After the stock plummets to around $4. Buy as much as you can. Then save the game and reload…you don't have to quit…just save after you buy and then reload the save. the stock will rise anywhere between $8 to $12+

    For instance
    I put in around 57k and got a $400k return.
    Wait for the stock to plummet or sleep a couple of times and repeat. Really you can stop at anytime it's up to you.

    Now you could do this with all 3 characters at once but it is crucial that you sell ASAP. Since the stock can drop at any moment so I suggest doing this one character at a time.

  2. You forgot to mention that for the debonaire mission, you can invest in redwood after selling your stock at debonaire. Redwood will be at its lowest point and will start to drastically increase a few days later

  3. XD i put all my money in lcn in all character michael,franklin,and trevor wait for weeks 1st i selled michael 1.4 billion next trevor 892 million franklin 1.2 billion i dont know why trevor is poor franklin and michael are rich then i forgot i had 1 million in lcn in trevor money is now 1.1 billion michaels the richest i dont know why XD and my online character had 3 million only m friend borrowd 10 million then i gave it to the wrong player.

  4. One of the stocks i invested in has literally been in the red for at least 1 month in game wtf 😂😂😂

  5. Make sure to save before you spend all your money on stocks, if they go down, go back to the save file.

  6. By completing story mode and then doing the Lester assassination missions then playing LCN were you able to buy the golf course

  7. I drop 17 million in the stock market and then nothing shows on my portfolio the money disappears into thin air

  8. so i started playing again after like 1 year and i have 28$ million .. but i want to buy the $150,000.000 golf course 😭

  9. Hi can someone please explain it to me why I just received $500000 in GTA online. What I did is that I just invested money from Franklin in the story mode in the stock market that's it, because online didn't permit myself of doing so. For no reason I just got that in my account. I'm happy about it but I want to know how and I don't know if it's gonna keep going on like this, because to be honest I don't really know if it's the reason why. I was just trying something in pure coincidence I just want try to do it again.

  10. This isn’t a joke. I can’t access my BAWSAQ. This guy I gave a ride to the airport, told me to invest in TINKLE. I want to TINKLE but I’m having problems with my BAWSAQ, no lie.

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