GTA 5 – How to Play as a Shark

Check out what it’s like to take on the mantle of a hammerhead shark in this peyote-induced hallucination in GTA 5 on PS4 / Xbox One.

For more on the re-release of Grand Theft Auto V, check out the full wiki on IGN @


  1. Make a video swimming to the boundaries so the shark doesn't kill you and you may explore more.

  2. Everyone can do this, but when I go there it’s not there. Anyone know why?

  3. What ballshit how dare you make me waste my time when I go to it I go into a fish is a fish a shark? NO

  4. I wish you can use a shark in director mode but apparently when you do the casting trailer glitch there is a pool it maybe will be a update or something

  5. You should get zenterno to get Faster in there Just Go to Michael Garage Then Get in And Go to garage Then Pick a car u want then boom!

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