gta 5 how to play at a superhero ps4 xbox pc NO MODS grand theft auto online

A guide on how to play as a superhero with gameplay on grand theft auto, You can use super jump and explosive punches without activating any cheats.

Grand Theft Auto V


  1. This was a awesome video now i can be invincible for as long as i want instead of having to put in the cheat every 5 mins

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  4. Mickey anivia you I don't know how to get to the guy I'd want to destination spot the guy wasn't there

  5. When I go to the destination spot the guys not there and I'm on story mode

  6. Your titel is wrong too u said gran thef auto superheros there are only 1 super hero

  7. Wait a sec why the fuck are u clickbaiting first of all u showed a fucking iron man now ur showing a fucking old man with makeup on I WANT TO BE IRON MAN NOW AND STOP CLICKBAITING OK ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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