GTA 5 – How to Unlock the Dodo Seaplane

IGN shows returning players how to unlock the classic Dodo seaplane in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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  1. Guys you have to be connected to internet and be a returning account but remember be connected to internet

  2. They killed me before i could get the dodo sow how can i get the dodo never could have get it again

  3. If you have a friend thats on ps3 tell him to make an account on his ps3 and tell him to play gta on the new account for a wile and tell him to give you the account go on your ps4 and enter the email and password and go on gta and you will get the duke of death the plane the krakin and the railgun it works I tried it you have to unlock them

  4. when the blue ball showed me I ignored it and now I can't unlock it I been finished the game

  5. PLEASE HELP! I can't transfer my character because it was on my old Rockstar Social Club account, and my new Rockstar Social Club account is permanently linked to my Steam account. To make matters worse, Rockstar is removing that feature next month. PLEASE HELP!

  6. I just started the story mode so is there a mission I have to do after the mission I can do the event thing

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