I check out Grand Theft Auto 5 in VR again using the Valve Index, but this time I add a full steering wheel setup into the mix! Using the free GTA 5 VR mod from LukeRoss00 along with manual transmission and the LSPDFR mods I had a great time driving around the streets of Los Santos in Virtual Reality with the Logitech G920…

01:36 – How to install manual transmission & LSPDFR mods
04:38 – GTA 5 VR steering wheel gameplay
14:35 – GTA 5 VR steering wheel conclusion

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  1. I like it much better in third person view, no sickness at all, but the sense of scale is still there if not better.

  2. With Epic Games giving this away for free, I'm wondering if this will work on that? I've heard that you can't mod it in the same way, but that just doesnt make sense to me…

  3. You are right about the VR legs. You gotta have pretty stout ones to play. I played for a few hours and had to eat a snack to help with the slight wooziness. Next day I played longer. The guy who did this mod did it right. The other mod attempts to bring in VR controls and I feel the overcomplication of that feat, for a game that has no native support for it, has slowed his progress. This Luke Ross guy, had the right idea, just do the head tracking, let us use the same controllers. It's perfect enough. It's like a whole new game.

  4. I initially though this was cool and stuff. Easy to install, but it seem kind of nauseating when played on my quest. I'm almost about to puke when turning during high speed chases, because of the image becoming fuzzy. Any solution to this? My pc has a Ryzen5 3600 processor and a GTX 2060 graphics card and it seems to be playing at fine speeds on medium, except for the turning.

  5. i tried this and instantly got me headache for a whole day.
    i'd love to play LSPDFR VR regularly 🙁

  6. I like how he just shoots people and just leaves the bodies. He doesn’t even call EMS or a coroner.

  7. I love watching your show. However, this game perpetuates a certain stereotype that is harmful in the most murderous ways. Perhaps it doesn't concern you that all the criminals you ran over, or shot didn't look like you, but it happens in real life far too often.

  8. I always wanted this game in VR. Downloading now.
    It would be great if GTA VI was VR supported.
    Lol. This is a great mod. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I can confirm that the Fanatec Clubsport V2.5 and the original CSR Elite with their pedals and shifters work for the Manual Transmission mod. I've been using this mod for driving in GTAV for almost a year now in non-VR and it really has added a completely new level to the gameplay. Especially for LSPDFR.

  10. I have the same wheel, how does it fair when you need to drive and shoot at the same time? I can imagine that being pretty tricky…

  11. imagine being a pro driver, and just driving around normally so everyone just thinks you're an npc

  12. Are playing this in full 3d? If so does the index not have the juddering when moving left or right the rift s gets? I get solid 80fps but the juddering ruins it for me. Asking as I may upgrade. Thanks, great video, had me in giggles

  13. Now a days they make downloading games so Damn hard u have go on computer or a lab top down load this and that like no body don't want to do all of that for a Dam. Game thoes people that creat games need to make it easy

  14. You are doing an amazing job for VR.
    VR IS the future of gaming. Videos like yours help wake the developers up to that fact

  15. I have a proper wheel, VR headset and GTA V itself, yet I'm too lazy to set up everything… 🙁

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