GTA 5 – Invincibility Cheat (GTA V)

Invincibility, god mode, no damage cheat code for GTA 5 and a tip on how to get it to last as long as you want!
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  1. Thank you this worked I've been trying forever and now I know you sir are such a help thank you

  2. The invincibility suck i want to go to the military base and go to war with the soldiers but cant without resetting the invincibility cheat

  3. Hello TG,I'm as you can see from the future,you're going to start dating as lovely lady named Samara Redway I think…..

  4. wouldn't need this cheat if rockstar just let us save the health cheat in the cell phone like gta 4. Gta 5 sacrificed a lot of fun things just for better graphics and online play.

  5. Does anyone know how to fly away with the jet from the base without getting shot down by another jet?

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