GTA 5 Lizard Squad Shut Down GTA 5 on Christmas! No DLC Release? (GTA 5 Xbox One Gameplay)

● GTA 5 Lizard Squad Shut Down GTA 5 on Christmas! No DLC Release? (GTA 5 Xbox One Gameplay)

So there has been a lot of news coming from the famous hacker group known as Lizard Squad. Seems that they will be doing some big work on christmas day and shutting down microsoft and playstation network. So what does this mean for the expected GTA 5 Christmas DLC? :/ DROP A LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE!!

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  1. if we want microsoft to do something about it, have a petition created to get xbox live users reimbursed, day later LS crushed.

  2. Rockstar kinda threw everyone on ps3 and xbox under the bus when it comes to GTA 5. Theres next to no reason they dont throw in the cosmetic updates and other little stuff. Being someone who was mainly a couch coop 360 player, I went out and purchased a ps3 strictly to play gta 5 with some of my friends. Like fuck if im about to go update to the "next gen" console for mediocre content additions and more Anti Aliasing (wow a console that brings them slightly closer to PC quality.. back in the early 2000's…)Β 

  3. Lizard squad can't do shit, they're just 30 year old fat guys that live in their parents basement. It's funny, they only want to ruin our fun and yet they always fail… What a bunch of losers

  4. Why hasn't the FBI or CIA caught on to this shit? I want every one of these jizzard cunts behind bars with a life long sentence. Sick of these assholes wasting my damn money that I used to entertain myself.

  5. I'm sure they can't shut it down for a whole month even then who cares lizard squad no one gives a crap get lives all you guys are doing is shutting down servers to get attention even then their tweeting shit and public ally announcing their shutting down servers I'm sure by doing that their giving Microsoft time to do something about it and counter ddos them or something all I know is their not gods their nerd they will eventually get caught

  6. These pieces of shit need to be dealt with! Their shutting down every game in the market. Plus maybe their so called "Christmas present" is shutting down Xbox entirely. They might be hacking into our accounts just to mess with us. Either way these sons of bitches need to be stopped. I just got Xbox Live back a week ago then this shit comes up. Fml

  7. its bullshit. wanna no why they haven't tracked the fuckers yet.

  8. Wow can't believe sony and microsoft can't afford a anti ddos, i put a firewall and anti ddos on my router and some kid tried to ddos me and failed lol.

  9. this happened a few days ago ro xbox 360 my friend was on when it happened and he couldnt get online

  10. I just love the lizards squads update "The offline update" This is 100% confirmed. No cars, planes, houses, and No special event.

  11. To the few that are asking why the CIA or FBI should be informed, theres two reasons:
    1. They do everything via a VPN, so I'm pretty sure (not 100%) they can't be traced from anything.
    2.) Not all of the members could live in the US, so the FBI might not be able to do anything about it.

    I believe that they are just scum of the earth, and one day their time will come. Like others have said, they are just attention whores. Ignore it, eventually they will realize no one gives a flying fuck about it, and they'll just give up. The only positive thing about what they do is force you do do something else, even productive maybe.

    EDIT I also find it surprising that there is youtubers who have amazing DDoS protection and almost never get this, but these big companies can't handle this at the slightest

  12. Shouldn't the FBI or CIA be called? "The Douchebag and no Life Squad" is trespassing on private property. They should not be able to do this.

  13. I wish people would stop giving "Lizard Squad" attention. Only making it worse.

  14. Add me on 360 GT:SLAPPYthePANDAY I need Somone to do missions with me in gta

  15. Those nerds hahah they have no life fat looser they probably got banned on their game and now they hacking them hahahah losers get a life

  16. Have you never thought that rockstar said next update with content in they said we would have heist. Gta could be telling them to do it so they don't need to get heists out

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