GTA 5 Load Car on Tow Truck + Load Locations ( PS3, PS4 , Xbox and PC )

Simple and easy method How to load Car on Tow Truck in Gta 5

Here is 4 locations where you can load vehicle on truck:
No.1) 1:16
No.2) 3:08
No.3) 4:45
No.4) 6:43

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  1. __________________________________________________PLEASE NOTE____________________

    1) When you leave flatbed to load car have a eye all time on him to he dont disappear.

    2) When car is loaded be careful and control flatbed to car dont fall down

  2. You can get the cops on you for that so what you wanna do is kick the car which won’t damage it that much he will come out to you you get inside of the car and drive away while he’s trying to get rid of you

  3. When you get a star and the flatbed tires popped out the car on the flatbed can be used

  4. This is the equivalent of me making a video of how to bake a pie but you have to be on top of a skyscraper in order to bake it… tf?… oh yeah and you have to damage the pie as your putting it in the oven, be careful around sharp turns the pie might fall off

  5. MAKE A GTA 5 100% completion video i think the story is glitched

  6. How you flatbed do not disappear? And. The car will fall down lol. Now try it with the helicopter and i soon you leave the helicopter he will get kill

  7. i'm load car to Flatbed truck and… The car was blow up i dont know how… there something glitch, maybe…

  8. Take my advice. Start talking in your videos and you'll see your channel will grow more faster. It only helps you!

  9. wait, is that regular deluxo next to your flatbed truck in No.2? It look look its regular deluxo

  10. I did the same think but when I put the car on the truck I use the Cargobob helicopter. But I never know we can do like this, nice bro👌

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