GTA 5 – LSPDFR New Zealand – First Kiwi Patrol! (GTA 5 Police Mod for PC)

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It’s finally here – my first ever LSPDFR New Zealand episode! We’ll be streaming some kiwi LSPDFR for about an hour, before taking a short break and coming back for some Kiwi Paramedic action!

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  1. Ayyy hold up… I'm fairly sure you Aussies have the worst accent of the two ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Dark I live in nz OK and I know my cop cars the siren is incorrect the car is correct cause its the new patrol cars in Nz also please do a highway unit patrol

  3. could you do a video it's way you read everyone's comments in a livestream video but you do not have to read every single comet out on the livestream video thank you

  4. could you do a video of your house or do a video around your local housing area

  5. Ahhh, I can't say I've been waiting for it but it's a great video, I left my iPad at home so when I went to my sisters dance I couldn't watch the stream

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