GTA 5 – Mary-Ann [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

Grand Theft Auto V Strangers and Freaks Side-Mission Walkthrough Guide Video in HD

GTA V Strangers and Freaks Missions Playlist:


0:00 – Exercising Demons – Michael
Gold Medal Objectives:
– Contender: Win the race without using shortcuts

3:14 – Exercising Demons – Trevor [After completing Reuniting the Family]
Gold Medal Objectives:
– Good Cyclist: Don’t anger Mary Ann by cycling…


  1. 1:15 so its confirmed how old micheal is in the game along with trevor they are both 39 so he has tracey at 18

  2. This game is very good and busy to me and I want to learning their attitude become very super and stronger and then I want to do more exercise , studying and working and then do more homework , writing and reading as well .

  3. Whoever did her voice and wrote her lines deserves a medal. Her every line made me chuckle or pause to laugh. 100% my favourite stranger in the game.

  4. Damn I always skip this cutscene I never knew Michael played football 7 years later in 2020 😂

  5. Why im doing the missions trevor exercising demon and i win the race and Mary Ann frezze for and hour and i reset the missions a ton time but still not working.

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