GTA 5 – Mission #2 – Repossession [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

Grand Theft Auto V 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough Guide in HD

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This video shows how to complete all mission objectives on a single play-through, although the 100% completions are cumulative and the Gold Medal can be achieved on multiple play-throughs.

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Mission N. 2 -…


  1. Repossession rap

    Go to the dealership and knock on the door, Simeon shows me that I am the new employee on the wall, we go to Vespucci beach, ready to kill this guy so we can hear him scream, we climbed the fence saw a drunk poor man, Lamar was pretending to punch him so he would go sad, we arrived at 3 garage location, we had to choose the right one that wasn't taken, then the bike wasn't there it was all a trick, saw all vagos we we're getting ready to hit, got our guns ready, and the nasty thing was it was very, brutal, we saw the bike, a vagos guy took it away, so we followed and we we're sick of the game's", took the bike back met Lamar at the car wash, he said "keep that I don't want that stuff".

  2. I like the way he dressed him as cj tank top, jeans and running shoes

  3. Lamar: "Ni**a, that's that Apache blood in me, homie. You lucky I ain't do a flying tomahawk and scalp they motherfuckin' ass."

    Franklin: "We can't repo the assets of a dead man, "big sitting chief asshole!""

    Lamar: "Ni**a, and we ain't going to neither, ni**a. I'm gonna keep this motherfucker for myself. Tell Simeon we couldn't recover it."

  4. During the shootout, a blue Penumbra will hit a wall and its trunk will open. However, the player can't steal the car although the player has shot the driver.

  5. If Franklin is able to take the bike before the gang member can drive away with it, the radio will automatically be tuned to West Coast Classics, and the song playing will be "What Would U Do" by The Dogg Pound.

  6. If the player replays this mission and has modified Franklin's Bagger, the Bagger featured in the mission will have all upgrades, except for the paint job which will be the default (green). The same applies to Amanda's Sentinel in Father/Son.

  7. An Internet news article from Los Santos Meteor after this mission says that Lifeinvader is going to "make history again with a new product launch this week", which means that the events of this mission and Friend Request happen during the same in-game week.

  8. Jimenez (who attempted to escape on the bike) can be spared by shooting him off his bike before he drives away. He seems to have more health than the other gang members, so this could even be performed with a shotgun.

  9. The Bagger already has Franklin's personalised number plate before he and Lamar even repossess it.

  10. Body Armor can be found in the first lockup on the left-hand side (opposite the larger garage), which the player may find useful.

  11. If the player were to dial 911 and smash through the gate using a vehicle, the mission won't fail until the emergency services hang up.

  12. When Franklin and Lamar first enter, a Green Bison passes by, and when it drives away to the gate, it does not open and the truck trespasses the gate, as if it is not a solid entity.

  13. In previous GTA games, jumping towards a wall or a fence will automatically shift the character into climbing it. However, GTA V changed this, jumping towards the fence will make the character face-plant straight into it, much to Lamar's amusement. This is most likely a reference to older GTA games that allow climbing walls.

  14. Several sports cars (being the same all the time from vehicle type to colors) spawn before the mission (as well as during each replay) at Simeon's parking spaces in the service area. It's optional to use them for the mission.

  15. If the player changed Franklin's hairstyle, Lamar will compliment the haircut. If not, he will comment that too.

  16. In the gameplay trailer, there is a picture of Simeon Yetarian instead in the employee of the month portrait. The same happens during normal gameplay, anytime outside the mission.

  17. Simeon belt Franklin en zegt dat hij onmiddellijk naar zijn garage moet komen. Als Franklin daar is zegt Simeon dat hij de beste werknemer is. Lamar is daar ook en heeft het gehoord. Hij is jaloers en boos op Franklin. Simeon verteld wat de noodgeval is. Er is een motor gestolen en die moeten Franklin en Lamar terug stelen. Als ze daar zijn zien ze 3 garage’s. De vrienden van degene die de motor heeft gestolen zien dat. Lamar maakt ruzie met ze waardoor ze gaan vechten. Als Franklin en Lamar klaar zijn gaan ze de man met de motor achteraan. Daarna gaat Franklin naar de plek waar Franklin en Lamar hadden afgesproken. Lamar is nog steeds boos op Franklin. Hij zegt dat hij de motor wel weg gaat brengen naar Simeon.

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