GTA 5 NEW Jump High Cheat + Invincibilty Cheat Code – Xbox and PS3 " Super Jump Cheat"

BRAND NEW CHEAT CODE – Learn a cheat code to jump super high! I show you some great, funny game play of me using the super jump to land on people! If you enjoyed this video please smash that LIKE button! Thanks!

Super Jump Cheat Code (Xbox) – LT LT X B B LT X X Left Right A
Super Jump Cheat Code (PS3) – L2 L2 Square Circle Circle L2 Square Square Left Right Cross

Invincible Cheat Code (Xbox) – Right A Right Left Right RB Right Left A Y
Invincible Cheat Code (PS3) – Right Cross Right Left…


  1. It helped me jump right over the police in the first mission before they hit me on the ramp because I didn't have my car

  2. I can't wait to finish the game! I am trying hard to beat it before online comes out. But just 2 days away I have to really get on it! I can't wait to play gta 5 online!

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