GTA 5 Next Gen: 5 New Things in GTA 5 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

GTA 5 next gen is is nearly here for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but I know what you’re thinking: “I already own GTA 5. Everyone in the world already owns GTA 5. I think it’s the law? Why would I buy it again.”

Good question! Here are five new things the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5 think will convince you to give them the other half of all the world’s money. Among them are cats, orcas, railguns, new songs and a new submarine. Rumours of a first-person mode, meanwhile, are tantalising…


  1. this vid was made whaen gta v had a good rep… that ps5 stunt of rockstar made me quit pernamently

  2. I'm from the future it has first person on walking shooting driving cars trucks boats speed boats subs helicopters motorcycles

  3. Favorite Changes in it : Director Mode, First Person, New Weapons, and Peyote Plants.
    the one thing i dont actually care about anymore : GTA Online. ask me why, i won't answer, find out yourself. it's easy to not care about it.

  4. I like it gta 5 my old 7 years xbox 360 finally died got a xbox one S hasnt updated gta 5 yet
    I notice missions are bit harder than xbox 360

  5. I can never bring myself to steal anything in Skyrim and you Can play Skyrim without stealing ( clear a lot of dungeons and go back and forth to get all the loot I can kill bandits though bc… the game says they’re evil… or something…) so while I can enjoy others playing GTA I don’t think I’d succeed in a game where theft is Mandatory.

  6. About the online character import: If is only one time, I will lost my character in 360 when I import him to ONE?

  7. You forgot that one of the biggest game changers is the first person mode

    You can play the whole game on first person, and I have to say it's one of the most epic things I've had with GTA V remastered version

  8. plz help me what should i do to get all that ? i bought a new xbox one so should i just buy the gta5 game or i need to make something else ? please help me

  9. If Rockstar wants 💰money💰… remake all the past GTAs 👌

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