GTA 5 Next Gen – Secret Hidden “A New Perspective” Trophy/Achievement Guide! (GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox One)

GTA 5 secret hidden “A New Perspective” PS4 trophy and Xbox One achievement guide! How to get the GTA V secret hidden award! 🙂
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  1. hi bro can u tell me please i miss my maude mission i mean i kill the all bailjumper so how i restart this mission i want 100% complete game so can u please explain how to do this one again please

  2. I didn't really know about this trophy until I was browsing my trophies list. I'll definitely going to work on getting this one.

  3. You have so many viewers and this was 5 years ago!!!! You will never see that I want to show you something

  4. All I did was play GTA 5 the day before but never completely closed the app. I logged on the next day and received the achievement.

    (I play Xbox)

  5. I can do with a five star wanted level with a invincibility cheat code and die a lot and during proglogue multiple Times

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