GTA 5 Next Gen Walkthrough Part 10 – Xbox One / PS4 – JEWELLERY HEIST – Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 Next Gen Walkthrough Part 10 – GTA 5 Next Gen Gameplay from the Xbox One also out on PS4 – GTA 5 Xbox One Gameplay with commentary, first impressions & Review


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  1. i think the gunman used in this heist is the best since yous till pick up the money and you don't have to pay him, i know its selfish but it works

  2. If anyone wants to play heist and DOES NOT back out in the middle of a mission, my Xbox Live name is oreo923

  3. Well of course the choices u make in this game are important for how the game goes
    Like picking norm as gunman, no matter what u do and try he will always crash
    Picking that hippie guy from the lifeinvader mission as your hacker gives u less time (50 sec) to get everything from vangelico, but he's better at giving the right directions when ur on bike, and his cut is less then paige's
    And their cut stays the same

  4. your stupid, i did it with the cheapest everything and it was still easy. the gunman Always drops the money and the cheap 4% hacker gives u pleanty of time and the driver just gives you motorcycles instead of dirtbikes which is still super easy. after its finished the hacker n driver ger a lot better. Thats how you get 41.6m with all 3 ppl at the end heist. this guy sucks

  5. please dont do a full series, just do all the cool missions… this is basically the same game but in first person. Dont get me wrong its cool but i don't need to get spammed by gameplay videos i already saw. love your channel though

  6. Whoa! The pov roof part reminded me of the teaser trailer from The Amazing Spider-Man!

  7. I just won €290 in poker match woohoo and by the the gunman dropped the money not the driver Scott

  8. Hey man, when you finish the missions, can you expand the text box(with the X button)?

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