GTA 5 Next Gen Walkthrough Part 9 – Xbox One / PS4 – THE BUGSTAR VAN – Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 Next Gen Walkthrough Part 9 – GTA 5 Next Gen Gameplay from the Xbox One also out on PS4 – GTA 5 Xbox One Gameplay with commentary, first impressions & Review


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  1. i get my game on thurs…. is a armer car u can rob…… i want to beat everyone up steel everything lol hehehehe looks so much fun

  2. the cops in this game are dumbasses cause i played it with 5 stars and i manage to loose them after 5 minutes 8=====D

  3. Hey I have a problem… everytime when I go to one of the heist setup icons on the map it dissapears and I cant continue the game… help please!

  4. Sometimes the fire trucks run out of water so they hook up to the fire hydrant for more waster from pipelines

  5. Yes america still has hydrants.  It provides a much more constant supply of water.  Also it is not limited as it is on a truck.  Fire trucks in rural areas have to carry their own water. 

  6. Sometimes the fire so big that the firetruck runs out of water so the firehidren give more water to the fire truck

  7. Hey there are some flowers at the top of mount chilliad that you can eat and then become a bird and fly.( I also think you can turn into other animals but not sure though) @GameRiot 

  8. bro turn off the music, you are gonna get copyright issues. please turn it off pls

  9. In America the fire trucks have water in then just like in the UK but what if there is such a big fire that the water in the trucks isn't enough? So what they do is they constantly refill the trucks with the water hydrant so the trucks always have enough water and pressure to to fight the fire.

  10. @GameRiot in america there are two commonly used fire fighting vehicles.
    1: fire engine- it has onboard storage AND a pump so it has pressure to shoot the water out at anytime and anywhere.
    2 fire truck- has no onboard storage and must connect to a hydrant nearby via hoses to combat fire(however it also carries items that the fire engine does not)

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